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Node.js library for handling notifications (in web apps).
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npm install notif


notif.send(actor, verb [, object]);


notif.send({ username: 'olalonde' }, 'followed', { username: 'bobby' });

Every notification is internally represented by an object containing the following properties:


  • time : {Object} Date() object that is automatically assigned when notification is created.
  • actor : {Object} A generic object that identifies the user or entity that performed the activity.
  • verb : {String} A verb that identifies the action of the activity.
  • object : (optional) {Object} The primary object of the activity.

Note: This library follows the Atom Activity Streams nomenclature.

Registering verb handlers

notif.register('followed', function (notification, cb) {
  // we assume that the notification object looks like this 
  // after bob followed oli:
  // {
  //   actor: bob
  //   verb: 'followed'
  //   object: oli
  // }

  // let's notify oli that he just got followed
  // and an activity to bob's activity stream 
  // but not in his notification center

  var activity = new Activity();

  // specify on whose stream we want the notification to show up
  activity._user = notification.object._id;
  activity._actor =;
  activity._object = notification.object._id;
  activity.createdAt = notification.time; 
  // for example: private, public, notification center
  //activity.markRead(); (err) {
    if (err) console.error(err);

notif.register('logged in', function (notification) {


notif.register({ except: ['delete account'] }, function (notification) {
  console.log('good news!');

notif.register({ only: ['registered'] }, function (notification) {
  // send email...

notify.register(function (notification) {
  //console.log( + ' ' + notification.verb + ' ' + notifications.object);


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