Code retreats – once in a while, retreat to study, practice, enjoy quiet time, meditate
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Code retreats · GOTO flow

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Once in a while, we should retreat to study, practice, enjoy quiet time, meditate. Get insights, get inspired, by the practice, by others amazing work. Be honest. Step out of the frame. May be it is not that much about us.

Coding is very much about writing. Symbolic languages, natural languages. Writing revolves around inspiration – or none, passing time, insights, culture, knowledge and effort, rest, never ending practice.

And forget not taking a break, feed the fire to stay warm, walk Caju the dog, breathe, and celebrate the happy times,

Code retreats

  • February–March 2019 · 5 weeks · Contamines-Montjoie
    Focus on learning Service Workers; modular routing; building a data plane; streaming data pipes with Streams and Lit-Element; and visualization experiments with Web Components. Walk in snow, cook at home, quiet time, super happy dog.
  • December 2018 · 4 days · Contamines-Montjoie
    Focus on learning Web Workers & experiments. Enjoy the fire. Coffee. Happy dog.
  • May 2017 · 2 weeks · Cornwall & London
    Focus on learning Neo4j, advanced search recommendations and graph data modelling, graph visualizations. Visit of Eden Project biodomes in Cornwall — we spent our retreat there and lodged in containers. London: training at SkillMaters & attended GraphConnect. Had lots of fun; and some beers!


  • Firebase Summit 2018 Prague
  • Googe Next 2018 London
  • Polymer Summit 2017 Copenhagen
  • GraphConnect 2017 London
  • Polymer Summit 2016 London
  • EuroClojure 2015 Barcelona
  • (…)