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Learning Unity

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Discovering and learning using Unity editor and scripting.


Unity Manual

Building for iOS using Unity Cloud Build


Data access

Using Google Firebase in Unity and a Primer in Event Driven Programming How to implement Google Firebase in a Unity project; also covers the use of events Stephen King, 30.04.2017

Adding Firebase to your Unity Project Setting up an Unity project to use Firebase for authentication, messaging, and much more Firecasts, 02.03.2017

Scripting geometry

Unity · Spline-based Procedural Geometry What is a mesh? What is space? Coordinate systems of various engines and mesh editing apps, Bézier-splines mathematics, Point-basis and tangent-basis functions, extrude a line-shape along a spline, adjusting UVs to consistently map textures, and tips video, 61 min., Joachim Hólmer, 21.09.2015

Beginner projects

Roll-a-ball tutorial Create a simple rolling ball game that teaches many of the principles of working with Unity serie of 8 short videos, 74 min., Unity, 24.07-19.08.2015

Spring Joint Playing with Rigid Body, Spring Joint and Line Renderer components Gōng-fu I/O, 17.12.2015

Interface essentials

Unity · Essentials Game Objects, Prefabs, Tags and Layers serie of 4 short videos, 8 min, Unity, 08.04-22.11.2013

Unity · Editor basics Getting to know the fundamentals of the editor and a few tips video, 61 min., Mike Geigh, 23.09.2013

Unity · Game Object Coordinate system in Unity, camera projection modes, game objects, components and transformations, nesting video, 49 min., Mike Geigh, 30.09.2013

Unity · Tips & Tricks 1 A bunch of tips, that do not fit in other tutorials video, 59 min, Adam Buckner, 23.06.2014


Unity · New UI World Space Canvas setting up and animating a UI canvas in world space; demonstrates parenting, alignment, scaling of UI elements (canvas, canvas group, text, images, mask) and animating their position and alpha to build a simple dialog video, 35 min., 30.06.2014

Text Mesh Pro · Documentation documentation of the Text Mesh Pro asset; see also the video tutorials of Zolran on YouTub.


ShaderLab: Culling & Depth Testing in Unity's documentation; the ‹ Reveveal Backfaces › shader helps debugging Normals; see also the ‹ Glass Culling › shader.

Libraries and integrations


Prime31 / GoKit « Lightweight tween library for Unity aimed at making tweening objects dead simple and completely flexible » (cité par David le 15.01.2015)

UnityOSC Open Sound Control (OSC) C# classes interface for the Unity3d game engine. See also Paul Varcholik's Bespoke OSC library.

TouchScript « Complete multitouch solution for Unity: Win8, TUIO, Mobile. »

Clojure integration

Arcadia Unity Integration of the Clojure Programming Language with Unity; as of 07.02.2016, it embeds Clojure 1.7 into Unity 5.3.2 (see branch develop)





Discovering and learning using Unity editor and scripting





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