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Install Tools

This installation creates a minimum footprint on your computer (very easy to remove). We use a virtual machine in which the tools are preinstalled. The virtualization tool (VirtualBox) is supported on Windows, Mac, ...


version 2.2: Download (here 4Gb) preinstalled content:

  • myCAT: Concordancer and Finding References
  • myTERM: Terminology Management
  • myPREP: Creating TMX
  • OmegaT: TM Editor


Once the download is finish, unzip the file. It contains the virtual machine, documentation and VirtualBox virtualization program for Windows (if you have a Mac or other, go to the Oracle site to download the appropriate version: virtualbox website)

Install VirtualBox

Run the installer VirtualBox (A standard installation with default options is ok) Normally, we documented the main points for ease of use VirtualBox. However, in the documentation folder is a complete user manual (VirtualBox_UserManual_fr_FR.pdf)

Start Olanto Machine

Copy on your disk the folder olanto-vm-lab (The machine can be run directly on a USB-key, but it's really slow!)

Open the file vm-olanto-labo.vbox with Vbox. At this stage, you should see the VirtualBox console.

starting VM in VirtualBOx

Start the VM machine into the Vbox interface

  • user:Olanto
  • password:x (to be changed if necessary)

Ready to experiment

Installation is complete, we are ready to use CAT tools >> Use