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Manage the environment

myCLASS is a classification engine. It does not have a graphical interface of its own. To adapt and create training corpuses, you have to program. Our choice is to use a programming environment to test, train and integrate the classifier into a WebService. The whole project is written in java.


  • have installed the java JDK (minimum version 7)
  • have an IDE installed (NetBeans or Eclipse)


MYCLASS contains the following folders:

  • config: the configuration file
  • prog: the folder of java projects
  • ToUnZipIntoMYCLASS_MODEL: the data folder of the examples (to unzip)

The simplified installation consists in putting

for Windows:


for Linux:

  • /home/olanto/MYCLASS
  • /home/olanto/MYCLASS_MODEL

By default, the examples are configured for these paths.

Finally, you have to import projects from the prog folder into the development environment.

Ready to experiment

Ready to experiment! >> Use

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