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olap4j, release 1.1.0
Contents of this distribution
This is a distribution of olap4j, the open Java API for accessing OLAP data.
For version information, see VERSION.txt. For licensing, see LICENSE/NOTICE.
For details regarding this release and the changes it introduces, see
Olap4j is distributed as four Java JAR libraries.
* olap4j-[version].jar
Core API, Query Model, Transformation and other auxiliary packages,
along with the driver specification.
* olap4j-xmla-[version].jar
Driver implementation of olap4j for XML/A data sources. It is
compatible with Mondrian, Palo, SAP BW and SQL Server 2005+.
* olap4j-tck-[version].jar
Technology compatibility kit. Consists mostly of JUnit tests.
* olap4j-jdk14-[version].jar
Olap4j distribution compatible with Java 1.4. Includes the core
API and the XML/A driver.
Packages and Roadmap
The core API of olap4j version 1.0 is a Long Term Support (LTS) release,
but some parts of the olap4j project will remain considered as experimental,
thus subject to change in future releases.
Core packages
The core packages in olap4j-1.0 are as follows.
* org.olap4j.driver.xmla
Generic XML/A driver.
* org.olap4j.mdx
Core objects of the MDX model.
* org.olap4j.mdx.parser
Parser for the MDX query language.
* org.olap4j.metadata
Discovery of OLAP servers metadata.
* org.olap4j.type
System for the core MDX object model and the metadata package.
Experimental packages
The following packages are considered experimental and are subject to change.
* org.olap4j.query
Programmatic Query Model.
* org.olap4j.transform
Core MDX object model transformation utilities.
* org.olap4j.layout
Utility classes to display CellSets.
* org.olap4j.CellSetListener and all associated classes
Event-based system for real time updates of CellSet objects.
* org.olap4j.Scenario and all associated classes
Statistical simulations module.
olap4j requires the following libraries at run time:
* lib/olap4j.jar (or lib/olap4j-jdk14.jar if you are running JDK 1.4)
If you use the JDK 1.4 compatible jar, you will also need:
* lib/retroweaver.jar
* lib/retroweaver-rt.jar
* lib/asm.jar
* lib/asm-commons.jar
If you are using the XML/A driver, you will also need:
* lib/xercesImpl.jar
The TCK requires:
* lib/commons-dbcp.jar
Building olap4j from source
1. Unzip olap4j-<version>
2. Make sure that you are running JDK 1.7, the JAVA_HOME variable is
set, and $JAVA_HOME/bin is on your path.
3. Run a test build: $ ant clean-all dist
Writing a simple program
You can now write and run a simple program against olap4j. For example, under
Java 1.6 or later,
import org.olap4j.*;
import org.olap4j.metadata.Member;
import java.sql.*;
Connection connection =
+ "Server=");
OlapConnection olapConnection = connection.unwrap(OlapConnection.class);
OlapStatement statement = olapConnection.createStatement();
CellSet cellSet =
"SELECT {[Measures].[Unit Sales]} ON 0,\n"
+ "{[Product].Children} ON 1\n"
+ "FROM [Sales]");
for (Position row : cellSet.getAxes().get(1)) {
for (Position column : cellSet.getAxes().get(0)) {
for (Member member : row.getMembers()) {
for (Member member : column.getMembers()) {
final Cell cell = cellSet.getCell(column, row);
Or, if you are using the in-process mondrian driver, include mondrian.jar
and its dependencies in your classpath, and change the
appropriate lines in the above code to the following:
Connection connection =
+ "Jdbc='jdbc:odbc:MondrianFoodMart';"
+ "Catalog='file://c:/open/mondrian/demo/FoodMart.xml';"
+ "JdbcDrivers=sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver;");
JDK 1.4
This distribution includes a JDK 1.4-compatible library for olap4j.
If you are using JDK version 1.4, replace olap4j.jar in your classpath
with olap4j-jdk14.jar.
# End README.txt
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