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olap4j release check-list
- Update README.txt, CHANGES.txt, index.html.
- Add your pgp key to the KEYS file, if not already present.
- To update, you can use the following command.
git log --pretty --no-merges --format="[%h](../../commit/%H)%n%cD - __(%aN)__%n%s%n"
- Update
- Edit and run the test suite. Make sure everything is green.
Also make sure to run both the Mondrian and the XMLA TCKs.
- Make sure that you have the following Java 1.7 installed and it is the
default JDK on the system path.
- Run a test build:
$ ant clean-all dist
Pay close attention to the Ant targets named compileJdk15, compileJdk16 and
compileJdk17, and ensure that each JVM compilation phase has compiled the
files it needed to. The JDK 1.5 should compile about 700+ files. The JDK 1.6
must compile the JDBC 4.0 classes (2 files) and JDK 1.7 should compile the
JDBC 4.1 driver (1 file).
Check the Javadoc warnings, and make sure that the only warnings are related
to the JDBC 4 and 4.1 classes. Any other error/warning must be fixed.
- Check the zip file.
* Make sure that it contains all the required files.
* Make sure that the Javadoc links work correctly.
* Make sure that all JAR files are present.
- Deploy to maven central
* mvn gpg:sign-and-deploy-file -Durl= -DrepositoryId=ossrh -DpomFile=pom.xml -Dfile=olap4j-xmlaserver-1.2.0.jar
* mvn gpg:sign-and-deploy-file -Durl= -DrepositoryId=ossrh -DpomFile=pom.xml -Dfile=olap4j-xmlaserver-1.2.0-javadoc.jar -Dclassifier=javadoc
* mvn gpg:sign-and-deploy-file -Durl= -DrepositoryId=ossrh -DpomFile=pom.xml -Dfile=olap4j-xmlaserver-1.2.0-sources.jar -Dclassifier=sources