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Specification: olap4j version 2.0


Goals of olap4j version 2.0 are:

  • Support metadata and API changes in recent SSAS (Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services) and XMLA (XML for Analysis)
  • Support metadata and API changes in Mondrian version 4

We aim to be backwards compatible in the same way that each JDBC release is backwards compatible:

  • Applications developed against earlier versions will work against 2
  • Drivers supporting version 2 will also serve as 1.x drivers (JDBC version 4 broke this rule, and it was painful for driver developers)
  • Some work will be required to convert a version 1.x driver to a version 2 driver


  • Beta in Q3 2013
  • Production in Q4 2013


Existing bugs, features and pull requests

Julian's wishlist:

  • Add pretty much all of the latest SSAS and XMLA concepts. Even ones that don't exist in Mondrian. We'd just leave out things which are .NET-specific and obsolete features that are in XMLA just for compatibility.
  • Add a mechanism to transmit user-defined extensions to the model. (In Mondrian these are defined as annotations in the schema.)
  • If we can remove XmlaExtra we're definitely on the right track. (I anticipate future unanticipated requirements, so we'll probably slim it down to zero methods rather than remove it.)
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