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GPU Accelerated C++ User Interface/Script Engine
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GPU Accelerated C++ User Interface/Script Engine

Website for this project:

This is a mirror from

Here is a simple description to the code

  • GacUIDemo Demo solution and projects
  • Public
    • Source GacUI library
    • Document HTML document. Please start at reference_gacui.html
    • Content Necessary CSS/JPG files for document

Improvements to the previous release

  • Added 2 new demos
    • Controls.Toolstrip.TextEditor
    • Controls.TreeView.FileExplorer
  • Fixed bugs
  • Encapsulated OS's common dialog into INativeDialogService
  • Added undo/redo to text box
  • Add item/node related events to list control and treeview control
  • Refactor the whole website using ASP.NET MVC3 hosted in Windows Azure (the source code of the website is checked in codeplex, but not included in the release)
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