Online Learning and Training Core Library integrating various developments of the open source community that have emerged in the last two decades, mainly in Switzerland and Germany.
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OLAT | Online Learning and Training

OLAT is a mature Learning Management System (LMS) with a nearly twenty-year track record. It has been developed since 1999 at University of Zurich (UZH). OLAT is hosted by the Department of Information Technology of UZH and is available to all faculties and institutes as well as to other Swiss universities and higher education institutions.

To learn more, visit

OLAT Feature Modules

OLAT Infrastructure Modules

  • lmsuzh-extension-continuousintegration CI/CD pipeline based on Mercurial, Git, Maven, Jenkins and Rancher
  • lmsuzh-extension-docker Container technology integration based on Docker
  • lmsuzh-extension-database Persistence containers based on PostgreSQL (deprecated since 7/2018: MySQL)
  • lmsuzh-extension-embedded HTTP server and Servlet container based on Jetty
  • lmsuzh-extension-restclient Connector for web services based on REST
  • lmsuzh-extension-loadtest Performance testing based on JMeter
  • lmsuzh-extension-functionaltest Automated testing based on Selenium
  • lmsuzh-extension-scenariospecification Behavior-driven development approach based on JGiven

OLAT Core Modules

  • lmsuzh-extension-core Extensions core
  • lmsuzh-extension-tool Module utilities
  • lmsuzh-extension-config Settings and themes
  • lmsuzh-extension-war Web application archive
  • lmsuzh-extension-buildtools Building helpers
  • lmsuzh-extension-olatreplacement Bridging helpers
  • openolat-lms OpenOLAT project

OLAT Java Development Environment

Grab the OLAT Source code

$ git clone lmsuzh-extension-DEVELOPMENT
$ git clone openolat-lms-DEVELOPMENT

Build the OLAT Environment (skipping the CI/CD infrastructure)

$ cd openolat-lms-DEVELOPMENT
$ mvn clean install -Ptomcat,compressjs -DskipTests=true -DskipSeleniumTests=true

$ cd lmsuzh-extension-DEVELOPMENT
$ mvn clean install -DskipTests=true -Ddocker.skip=true

$ cd lmsuzh-extension-DEVELOPMENT/lmsuzh-extension-docker
$ mvn -Plocal-docker-registry docker:start

$ cd lmsuzh-extension-DEVELOPMENT/lmsuzh-extension-database
$ mvn package -Dmaven.main.skip docker:start

Run the OLAT Java app

$ cd lmsuzh-extension-DEVELOPMENT
$ java -javaagent:${HOME}/.m2/repository/org/aspectj/aspectjweaver/1.9.0/aspectjweaver-1.9.0.jar -ea \
       -jar lmsuzh-extension-embedded/target/lmsuzh-extension-embedded-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

COMING SOON: Run OLAT Docker apps

$ docker run olatsystems/olat-app
$ docker run olatsystems/opencast-app

To learn more, visit and


The OLAT open source code is licensed under the terms of the Apache license.