Screenshot sharing application. This is the source code for the desktop client.
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ScreenCloud Build Status

This is the source code for the ScreenCloud client. ScreenCloud is an easy to use screenshot sharing tool consisting of a cross-platform client and a sharing website:

You can also upload to other services, including your own FTP server, Imgur, Dropbox & Ubuntu One through the use of plugins.

A screenshot of the client running on Ubuntu


  • Open Source and cross-platform(Windows, Mac & Linux)
  • Fast and easy: Snap a photo, paste the link, done!
  • Plugin support, save to Dropbox, Imgur, etc.
  • Built in screenshot editor.


ScreenCloud uses the CMake build system, start off by downloading the appropriate version for your OS from the CMake website or your distro's repositories. After installing CMake, choose the OS you're compiling on from the the list below:


Here's a quick list of features I've wanted to implement, but not gotten around to yet. Feel free to contribute to this list:

  • Translation support