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Simple high-level Scala based Cassandra library
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Simple Scala based Cassandra client

Cascal fork with support for TTL, Secondary indexes, Composite Columns & Counters Columns


Cascal is a simple Cassandra library built on the Scala language that provides a very consistent and simple means by which you can interact with the Cassandra DB, providing simple means to:

  • Insert / List / Get / Delete
  • Batch Insert / Delete / Add
  • Map Seq[Columns] Into Domain Objects
  • Set Column TTL
  • Secondary Indexes
  • Counters Columns
  • Experimental Static Composite Columns
  • Utilize a Session Pool

One of the goals of Cassandra is to make the Thrift library operate in a way more conducive with the Scala language. As such when using Cascal you only need to used the Cascal libraries.

Please see the wiki pages for detailed usage information. Until I will update the wiki take a look at:

How to build

Download and install sbt, then run:

$ sbt package

Project Status

master: Cassandra 1.0.x
branch 0.8: Cassandra 0.8.x

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