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Library Loader 📚

Status: Build Status

Getting started

  1. Create an account on if you don't have one already.
  2. Download a prebuilt version of library-loader from the releases page (only linux builds available, see #67).

Simple install / uninstall

On the releases page, download the latest library-loader-linux-dist.tar.gz and untar it. Each release is bundled with two scripts for installing and uninstalling library-loader :

# Installs both cli/gui binaries in `/usr/bin`
# Installs desktop entry and icon for `library-loader-gui`

# Uninstall `library-loader` completely

Building from source using Docker

This allows you to build without installing any dependencies on your machine.

docker run --volume=$(pwd):/home/circleci/project olback/rust-gtk-linux cargo build --release

Building from source locally(macOS)

Required binaries: brew(from homebrew), rustc, cargo You have to install rust via rustup and initialize it with rustup-init command.


Setup on macOS

Edit the LibraryLoader.example.toml and fill in your login details for Rename the file to LibraryLoader.toml and place it in ~/Library/Application Support/LibraryLoader.toml.


cp LibraryLoader.example.toml ~/Library/Application\ Support/LibraryLoader.toml"

Running on macOS


cargo run --bin library-loader-gui

or CLI:

cargo run --bin library-loader-cli


This is an implementation of in Rust. Why? Well, since the library-loader SamacSys provides only works on Windows, I thought it would be neat to make something similar but available to everyone.

For upcomming features, please see the


GNU Affero General Public License v3.0