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packer-templates Build Status

A collection of Packer templates


Build and push every images

$ make

Build and push a specific image

$ packer build template.json


You can configure each template to match your requirements by setting the following user variables.

User Variable Default Value Description
headless true Build without running the hypervisor's GUI
disk_size 10240 Hard disk size (in MB)
memory 512 Memory size (in MB)
cpus 1 The number of CPU cores
image_name n/a The name of the image that will be built/pushed
image_version n/a The version of the image that will be built/pushed
bintray_user olbat Bintray username
bintray_api_key $BINTRAY_API_KEY Bintray credentials

Note: there may be other user variables depending on the template

Example: packer build --var headless=false template.json

Pre-built images

Important: in order to make this images testable, the default SSH credentials are versioned in this repository.
Always rebuild the images with your SSH credentials (see config/) before using them in a production environment.


Thanks to kaorimatz and maier for their awesome work that made bootstraping this repository/templates a lot easier.


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