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@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ Usage
* make sure your cucumber features has a 'Cuke4Php.wire' file in step_definitions containing something like:
host: localhost
- port: 16816
+ port: <%= ENV['CUKE4PHP_PORT'] %>
* you can write both Ruby and PHP steps
* you __must__ require the PHPUnit library from a file in your features/support/ directory (e.g., features/support/Env.php) for cuke4php to work
@@ -32,13 +32,8 @@ Roadmap
### bin/cuke4php
* support an option like 'cuke4php --init' which will generate the directory structure and support files necessary to use cuke4php with a php project.
-* autodetect an available port and then use it to run the cuke4php server pass this on to cucumber by setting an environment variable (requires a modification to cucumber)
* lint check all php files in features directory before starting the cuke4php server
-### Gemfile
-* once the patch for erb templating in .wire files in cucumber is released, we should set a minimum version for it
* PHPUnit >= 3.0 (see

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