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Latest installer
Mobile version

Originally a plover clone; you can import/convert your plover dictionary.

It has the following limitations:

Windows only (XP with SP3 or newer)
Currently the Gemini and Passport serial modes are untested/buggy

But it does have the following features:

Works with the Treal, any device with the Baron TX/TX Bolt protocol, Stentura machines over serial, and any NKRO keyboard
Integrated audio recording and playback synchronized with your writing -- audio files saved as a reasonably sized .ogg
Broadcast text as you create it to any device with an internet browser
Built-in project viewer/editor--create and edit text in a more natural way
Built-in dictionary viewer/editor
Built-in dictionary look up as you type, with two search modes
Comes with a simple steno tutor program
Fast load times and a small RAM footprint
Support for non-English stenograph keyboard layouts
Push and pop commands: use a single stroke for closing quotations, parenthesis, brackets, html tags, etc.

Please read the manual for more details

Upcoming Features

More bug fixes (as bugs are found)

Desired Features (but not currently under development)

Get permission to distribute the plover default dictionary
Take input from only some keyboards rather than every keyboard indiscriminately. This requires me to obtain another NKRO keyboard to test with.
Support more stenograph machines (over USB where possible). Again, requires testers and/or machines to test with.

Please report bugs and request features