Fast and concise bitvectors ( either sparse or dense ), based on Lemur Project."
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Simple, fast bitmap vectors ( sparse and dense ) and indices implementation, based on Lemur project: (


  • Allows Javascript code to generate and manipulate EWAH encoded bitvectors of arbitrary length
  • Word-aligned compression scheme facilitates fast encoding/decoding while retaining pretty small memory footprint
  • Really speedy, thanks to the C++ background, that was wrapped to be usable in JS using some dark V8 magic :-)
  • Mostly drop-in syntactic replacement for Array ( where possible and makes sense )
  • Support (de)serialization of encoded bitmaps
  • Well-commented and clean code

Getting Started

Install it in node.js :

npm install node-ewah

Then, start to play with:

var BitVector = require('node-ewah');

Then create some vectors ...

var vGoods    = new BitVector();
var vSpecies  = new BitVector();

// This is the bitvector of docids, that contain the word "goods". Bit number #xxx is on, if and only if document number #xxx contains word "goods".

// This is the bitvector of docids, that contain the word "species". Bit is the for the same reason.

// Now lets know, what documents contains first or second term
// This operation is performed using native machine words, that contain bitmap fragments, and so is extremely fast

var vMergedVector = vGoods.rawor( vSpecies );

// Check, that things are retrieved fine...
var checkVector = function(x) { console.log( "From bitvector vGoods: " + x ); } );

// Check merging result...
var checkMerged = function(x) { console.log( "From bitvector vMerged: " + x ); } );


push( bit_id )

Appends bit_id to the bitmap. Sorry, no random access today, but development still going hard...

map( ... )

This thing is the same as in plain vanilla Array

join( delimiter )

Returns catenated values of nonzero bits, interspersed with specified delimiter. Catenation is performed using C++ methods, i.e. new strings are not spawned

toString( delimiter )

Same as above, but no delimiter is allowed :-) Pretty standard behavior...

rawor( vectorRight )

Applies logical OR operation on This and vectorRight vectors. Result is new vector or undef if things were wrong. Does not account for sparsity ( see. sparseor for that ), thus it could be slower, when applied to sparse vectors

rawand( vectorRight )

Applies logical AND operation on This and vectorRight vectors. Result is new vector or undef if things were wrong

population( )

Returns the number of nonzero bits ( population count ). Such a long name is to avoid confusion with pop ( which is Array-specific method )

length( )

Returns compressed size ( IN BITS! ).


In node.js

> node ewah.js


Requires node.js

Release notes

v.1.0 was released