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@oldj oldj released this May 30, 2021

  • [New] Add toggle developer tools menu item
  • [Fixed] Fix an issue with dock icons causing a blank interface on Windows
  • [Improved] Upgrade dependencies; upgrade Electron to 13.0.1

  • [New] 添加切换开发者工具菜单项
  • [Fixed] 修复 Windows 下一处关于 dock 图标导致界面空白的问题
  • [Improved] 升级依赖;升级 Electron 为 13.0.1 版
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@oldj oldj released this May 9, 2021

  • [New] Add a new find & replace function, press Ctrl + F (Cmd + F on macOS) to open the find & replace panel
  • [New] The list tree can be multi-selected (hold down the Shift or Ctrl/Cmd key)
  • [Fixed] Fix the problem that the cursor cannot be seen in dark mode
  • [Fixed] Fixed the problem that some scheme is not displayed in the group mode
  • [Improved] Uses multi-select mode by default

  • [New] 添加新的查找及替换功能,按 Ctrl + F(macOS 下为 Cmd + F)可切换到查找及替换面板
  • [New] 目录树可以多选(按住 ShiftCtrl/Cmd 键)
  • [Fixed] 修复夜间模式下光标看不见的问题
  • [Fixed] 修复组合模式下部分内容未显示的问题
  • [Improved] Hosts 方案默认使用多选模式

The panel of find and replace:

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@oldj oldj released this Apr 18, 2021

After three weeks of beta testing, SwitchHosts v4.0 is finally officially released. 🎉

Compared with v3.x, this is a completely rewritten version, which establishes a better foundation for subsequent updates.

In terms of core functions (management, switching hosts), it has not changed much, but some minor issues that have been kept in the issue for a long time have been dealt with, such as using a proxy to update remote hosts, etc., and some experience details have also been obtained optimization.

If you find a problem or bug, please submit an issue feedback or PR!

Happy switching!

经过三周的 beta 测试,SwitchHosts v4.0 终于正式发布了。🎉

与 v3.x 相比,这是一个彻底重写的版本,为后续的更新建立了更好的基础。

在核心功能(管理、切换 hosts)上,它没有太大的变化,不过一些在 issue 中保持了很长时间的小问题得到了处理,比如使用代理更新远程 hosts 等等,一些体验细节也得到了优化。

如果发现问题或 bug,欢迎提交 issue 反馈或者 PR!

祝 Switch 愉快!

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@oldj oldj released this Apr 5, 2021

  • Add data import and export support
  • Add HTTP API
  • Improve the interface under Windows
  • Some other styles and minor function adjustments

  • 添加数据导入导出支持
  • 添加 HTTP API
  • 改进 Windows 下的界面
  • 一些其他样式及小功能调整
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@oldj oldj released this Mar 28, 2021


This is the fourth version of SwitchHosts! 🎉

This version has made a lot of changes internally, almost all of the code has been rewritten, some unreasonable places have been fixed, and a new UI and architecture have been added to facilitate subsequent improvements and extensions.

It is still in the beta stage. Some functions have not been implemented, such as Alfred support. There may be some unknown issues. If you find out, please submit an issue or pull request, thank you very much!

Happy switching!

这是 SwitchHosts 的第四个版本!🎉

这个版本在内部做了很多改变,代码几乎全部重写了,修复了一些不合理的地方,同时有了新的 UI 以及架构,方便后续进一步改进扩展。

目前还是 beta 阶段,一些功能还没有实现,比如 Alfred 支持等,可能还有一些未知的问题,如果你发现了,请提交 issue 或者 pull request,非常感谢!

祝 Switch 愉快!

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@oldj oldj released this Jan 13, 2021

  • [Fixed] Fix the problem about 'SnoreToast' is added to Start Menu.
  • [Improved] When domain repeats, make sure the first is valid.
  • [Updated] Update electron to v11.2.0.
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@oldj oldj released this Nov 2, 2020

  • [Fixed] Fix the problem that remote hosts in folders cannot be refreshed.

  • [Fixed] 修复文件夹中的远程 hosts 方案不能刷新的问题。
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@oldj oldj released this Oct 27, 2020

  • [Updated] Update dependencies
  • [Updated] Improved support for portable mode #485
  • [Fixed] Fix some minor issues in style

  • [Updated] 更新依赖
  • [Updated] 改进对便携模式的支持 #485
  • [Fixed] 修复一些样式上的小问题
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@oldj oldj released this Jan 14, 2020

  • [Fixed] Fixed issues about import and export. #430
  • [Updated] Update dependencies.

  • [Fixed] 修复导入导出的问题。
  • [Updated] 更新各项依赖。
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