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commit d2549f3907e39d30807ff874c48b99166beb87a3 1 parent 9f677c3
@rdp rdp authored
7 ext/mysql.c
@@ -322,13 +322,12 @@ static VALUE real_connect(int argc, VALUE* argv, VALUE klass) /* actually gets r
obj = Data_Make_Struct(klass, struct mysql, 0, free_mysql, myp);
#if MYSQL_VERSION_ID >= 32200
- printf("conn5 -- \n");
mysql_init(&myp->handler); /* we get here */
-#ifdef HAVE_TBR
+# ifdef HAVE_TBR
if( (int) rb_thread_blocking_region_variable_params(10, &mysql_real_connect, 8, &myp->handler, h, u, p, d, pp, s, f) == NULL)
+# else
if(mysql_real_connect(&myp->handler, h, u, p, d, pp, s, f) == NULL)
+# endif
#elif MYSQL_VERSION_ID >= 32115
if (mysql_real_connect(&myp->handler, h, u, p, pp, s, f) == NULL)
2  test/test_parsing_while_response_is_being_read.rb
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
# from .82s to .62s
# you can experiment with it by changing the query here to be a long one, and toggling the do_the_use_query_optimization variable
# this also has the interesting property of 'freeing' Ruby to do thread changes mid-query.
+require 'rubygems'
require 'mysqlplus'
do_the_use_query_optimization = true
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