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'mysqlplus' blocks the entire Ruby process when connecting to DB #3

ibc opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Hi, "mysqlplus" (and of course also "mysql") driver blocks totally the Ruby process when it's trying to connect to a MySQL server. In case the server doesn't respond then we get our Tuby application stopped forever.

Please check the following code which shows the issue:

Is it possible to make MySQL connection non-blocking?



I've reported same bug for 'pg' driver and it's fixed now (it already implemented non-blocking connection):


To create a non-blocking connection you need to provide a timeout (works in all mysql libs) as by default there is no connect timeout defined.
con = Mysql.init
con.options(Mysql::OPT_CONNECT_TIMEOUT, 5) # 5 second timeout


Great, I didn't know such option. I will report to Sequel developer to include it.

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