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Little Chef Change Log
Version NEXT
* NEW: "list_recipes" now shows only a simple name list.
The old, detailed list_recipes has now become "list_recipes_detailed"
Version 0.4.0 December 9, 2010
* NEW: mynode.json doesn't have any custom littlechef fields anymore
Migration: You need to call your nodes by their DNS hostname or public IP
* FIX: Improvments to error messages when only .rb files are present (no .json)
* FIX: Various improvements to role and node printing
Version 0.3.3 November 29, 2010
* NEW: mynode.json won't contain littlechef fields anymore if you don't use an IP
* NEW: When configuring all nodes, if node configuration fails abort
* FIX: Importing was failing for one particular case
Version 0.3.2 November 19, 2010
* NEW: Show what cookbooks are being uploaded to a node
* NEW: deploy_chef now accepts two arguments: "gems" and "ask".
They can be set to "yes" or "no". Default is "no" and "yes", respectively.
This allows deploy_chef to run in non-interactive mode when using it from
another Python program.
Version 0.3.1 November 16, 2010
* HOTFIX: fixed a deploy_chef error when calling the gem+rpm installation method
* Some Pylint compliance fixes
Version 0.3.0 November 16, 2010
* NEW: Automatic distro detection for deploy_chef
* NEW: Option to install Chef Solo with gems
* NEW: can now be used as a library
* FIX: CentOS installation
Version 0.2.4 November 4, 2010
* NEW: command "list_roles"
* NEW: show node attributes in list_nodes
* NEW: Indent node configuration files when saving
* FIX: Add JSON syntax error handling
Version 0.2.1, 0.2.2 and 0.2.3, October 29-20, 2010
* FIXED different PyPI installation issues
* Improved README, code comments and error messages
Version 0.2.0, October 28, 2010
* NEW query: cook list_recipes
* OPTIMIZATION: only configured cookbooks and its dependencies are uploaded to nodes
* Output and error checking improvements
* FIX: "subrecipes" are now supported
* FIX: roles now really work
Version 0.1.0, October 27, 2010
* Deployment: deploy_chef installs chef-solo using opscode repository
* Apply a recipe or role to a particular node
* Save recipes, roles and attributes for every node in configuration
files, which can afterwards be edited to override attributes
* Update cookbooks on every node automagically, without the need for repo
* Reconfigure (sync) every node
* Queries: list_nodes, list_nodes_with_recipe, list_nodes_with_role