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Current pyon TODO list:
- Automate versioning and packaging of pyon egg
- More __str__() output for classes
- Move directory and datastore code to coi_services if possible
- Use for relevant output, debug for debug level
- Rename EndpointFactory -> Endpoint and Endpoint -> Conversation
- More consistent and fewer packages
- Refactor imports to use pyon.public as much as possible (but not in pyon core modules)
- Enhanced shell API
- Enhanced messaging bookkeeping: ms() more telling
- Exchange spaces introduced
- Add event framework
- Check service implementation against service definition (parameters, order)
- Error handling improved
- Fail quick on startup error
- DualModifierDict for two overrides in order (reference not copy the first one)
- Check DotDict, DictModifier efficiency and where use
- Bootstrap mode for container: Directory before started.
- Second look at service YML files (look at WSDL). Methods -> operations, maybe no objects
- Service default arguments set to {} and [] in base class. Dangerous Python idiom. Set to None? Solutions?
- List to tuples through msgpack. Long to int (see timestamps). Double to float. (YAML)
- Object base classes generated.
- Datastore does not modify original object on create or update. Do it.
- Make sure mockdb and couch have the same interface (exceptions returned etc).
- Efficient find by owner association
- Find accepting arrays of restrict values (e.g. more than one LCS)
- Clear confusion with service vs process
- System-wide unique process ID
- Process as instance aggregating one state and multiple endpoints
- Process (greenlet) accepts messages from endpoints. One greenlet per process; one message at a time.
- Process ioloop (picking messages and activating on schedule)
- Process attachment (direct or via container)
- Optional vs. mandatory service arguments
- Validate object content vs. service operations
- Container support for infinite and recurring processes (in on_start)
- Do not create message processing worker thread in BinderListener by default (use the process ioloop)
- Extend the BinderListener so that it can dispatch into a list of service classes
- Change success: True to raised exception
- Namespace in generated interface clients not clean
- User agent?
- Use ACKs
- Messaging properties set in
- Non-AMQP (ZeroMQ, Flask) nodes
- Local messaging with greenlet handover (one actor)
- ION endpoints in pyon.ion.endpoint (not
- Switch to nosetests (remove/alias bin/unittest)
- Log and print in tests: visible on run if desired
- How to declare mandatory (non null) service parameters?
- Should we support kwargs in service clients?
- How to start stream processes?
BUGS (see also Jira project CISWCORE)
- Source path from not the current repo (e.g. pyon/examples not found)
- Find result does not pass validate interceptor
- Check IonObject validation vs. extends (does it work?)
- DictModifier str() does not print full merge