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<!-- Ant build file for pyon -->
<project name="pyon" default="info" basedir=".">
This is the ANT build file for the OOI CI Python capability
container and service platform.
<!-- load python specific ant tasks from jar file -->
<taskdef resource="" classpath="scripts/lib/pyAntTasks-1.3.3.jar"/>
<!-- set global properties for this build -->
<property name="src" location="pyon"/>
<property name="build" location="build"/>
<property name="dist" location="dist"/>
<target name="info">
<echo message="pyon ant build file. Specify a target to build."/>
<echo message="Run 'ant -p' to retrieve a list of targets."/>
<target name="init">
<!-- Create the time stamp -->
<!-- Precompiles all Python code without executing. Finds compile errors -->
<target name="compile" depends="init" description="Compile the source">
<py-compile dir="${src}" pythonpath="${src}" optimize="0"/>
<py-compile dir="scripts" pythonpath="${src}" optimize="0"/>
<py-compile dir="prototype" pythonpath="${src}" optimize="0"/>
<target name="clean" description="clean up">
<fileset dir="${src}" includes="**/*.pyc"/>
<fileset dir="scripts" includes="**/*.pyc"/>
<fileset dir="prototype" includes="**/*.pyc"/>
<delete dir="interface"/>
<delete dir="${build}"/>
<delete dir="${dist}"/>
<delete dir="pyon.egg-info"/>
<!--<antcall target="remeggs"/>-->
<target name="clean-buildout"
description="clean up buildout dirs" depends="clean" >
<echo message="Clean up buildout directories. Please run `python` to start buildout."/>
<delete dir="parts"/>
<delete dir="develop-eggs"/>
<delete dir="bin"/>
<delete dir="downloads"/>
<delete dir="eggs"/>
<delete dir="build"/>
<delete file=".installed.cfg"/>