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A category on NSBundle that adds method to check an app bundle's code signing and sandboxing state.

Written by Ole Begemann, February 2012.

For more info, see the corresponding blog post: Checking Code Signing and Sandboxing Status in Code.


Please do not use this code in your apps. It was just a quick experiment and is neither tested nor secure.


  1. Add the files NSBundle+OBCodeSigningInfo.h and NSBundle+OBCodeSigningInfo.m to your Xcode project.

  2. #import "NSBundle+OBCodeSigningInfo.h"

  3. For a given NSBundle, call one or more of these methods to get information about its code signing state:

     - (BOOL)ob_comesFromAppStore;
     - (BOOL)ob_isSandboxed;
     - (OBCodeSignState)ob_codeSignState;