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iTunesConnect to HTML
A Ruby script to convert the plain text Financial Reports Apple provides to
App Store developers in iTunes Connect to pretty HTML tables.
Works with Apple's current (as of June 2010) file format and the previous versions
(pre-Jun 2010 and pre-Feb 2009).
itunesconnect2html.rb [options] file1 file2 ...
-o, --overwrite Overwrite output files if they exist
fileX are the plain text files as downloaded from iTunes Connect.
Example: ./itunesconnect2html.rb reports/2009/08/*.txt
Result: The script will create a corresponding .html file for each .txt file
in the same directory as the .txt files.
itunesconnect2html_template.html.erb is the template used to format the data.
You can customize this to your liking. All local variables from the script
can be used in this file inside of <% %> and <%= %> blocks.
itunesconnect2html_settings.yaml can be used to exclude certain colums from
the output or configure their format. The column headers from the .txt file
form the keys. Options for each field include:
exclude: true -- excludes this column from the output. Default is false.
heading: ABC -- sets the header for this column in the output to ABC.
Default is the text from the input file.
type: integer | date | currency -- formats output values as integers
(right-justified), ISO date (YYYY-MM-DD) or currency (right-justified
with 2 decimal places), respectively. All other columns are treated
as strings.
total_amount_currency: true -- This is a special key that should be
included in the "Partner Share Currency" column config. It is used to
identify the currency of the Total Amount row.
See the .yaml file for examples.
Credits and License
Written by Ole Begemann, September 2009.
Copyright 2009-2010 Ole Begemann.
License: You can do whatever you want with this. The author provides no
warranty. If you publish this code or modifications of this code, a credit
to the original author is highly appreciated.
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