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Ballou SMS Gateway

Ruby bindings for Ballou's SMS Gateway.

Follow me on Twitter or Github for more info and updates.

How to use

Send a message"u").password("p").from("Github").to("070XXXXXXX").message("Hello world!").send!

Send a message to multiply receivers"u").password("p").from("Github").to("070XXXXXXX", "070YYYYYYY").message("Hello world!").send!

Send a very long message

Add the long method to the chain to send up to 918 characters."u").password("p").from("Github").to("070XXXXXXX").message("A very long message ...").long.send!


The list below is a set of methods that can be chained, like above. Order doesn't matter.

  • id (String) (CR) (Optional) A unique ID for the text message. Used for statics. Default is a UUID string.
  • username (String) (UN) Ballou username.
  • password (String) (PW) Ballou password.
  • from (String) (O) Who is the SMS from? Up to 10 character using text or up to 15 character using only numbers.
  • to (String or Array< String >) (D) SMS receiver(s). May begin with a plus sign, otherwise just integers.
  • message (String) (M) Message to be send. Max 160 character, if the long flag isn't set.
  • long (No argument) (LONGSMS) (Optional) Makes it possible to send a long message, up to 918 characters.
  • request_id (String) (RI) (Optional) Default is a UUID string.

Take a look at the official (swedish) site for more information.

The send! method

When you're done buildning your query the final thing todo is to apply the send! method. It'll fire the request or raise an error if something was wrong.

The send! method returns a request object with the following methods.

  • id (String) A unique ID generated Ballou.
  • request_id (String) Request ID defined by you using the request_id method, or an auto-generated UUID string.
  • sms_id (String) ID defined by you using the id method, or an auto-generated UUID string.
  • to (String) Receiver specified by you using the to method.
  • sent? (Boolean) Was the SMS sent?
  • valid? (Boolean) Alias for sent?.
  • error (Fixnum) Error code. 0 if everything went okay.
  • status (Fixnum) Status code. -1 means that the SMS was added to Ballou's queue.
  • message (String) A message from Ballou. This is set when a request goes wrong.

Here are some custom states that might be useful to know about.

When a request goes wrong, like 404, 500 and so on, the status method is set to -2. This, in most cases, means that you should take a look at the error status code for more information. Error 7 means that the request resulted in a non 2xx response. This should not happend unless Ballou goes down or in someway changes the API. Take a look at the message method for more information.

For even more information and status codes, visit the official site.

How to install

[sudo] gem install ballou_sms_gateway


Ballou SMS gateway is tested in OS X 10.7.2 using Ruby 1.9.2.


Ballou SMS gateway is released under the MIT license.