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Gnome-shell-timer settings are stored in the JSON file gnome_shell_timer.json. Please start by copying the default configuration file gnome_shell_timer.json to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/gnome-shell-timer/gnome_shell_timer.json (usually ~/.config/gnome-shell-timer/gnome_shell_timer.json)

File structure

Config file is a simple JSON file. Available set of options are organized as categories. For instance, ui category contains various options to tweak the appearance of the timer. In a category, each option is a simple Key-Value pair.

Available options

Category: timer

  • hours : duration of manual adjustable timer (hours). Default: 0
  • minutes : duration of manual adjustable timer (minutes). Default: 10
  • seconds : duration of manual adjustable timer (seconds). Default: 0

Category: ui

  • show_notifications : if true displays notification messages on end of timer. Default: true
  • show_persistent_messages : if true displays a modal dialog on end of timer. Default: false
  • show_elapsed_time : if false displays a countdown timer instead of elapsed time. Default: false
  • show_timer : if true display timer in the panel. Default: true
  • show_pie : if true display graphical representation of progress in the panel. Default: true

Category: presets

  • presets : Key-Value pairs of commonly used timer settings: key is the name of the preset, value the duration in seconds. Default: 3min, 5min, 1h

That was easy!

Changing the Configuration

  • presets must be changed in gnome_shell_timer.json:
  • key can be an arbitrary name for the preset
  • value is the duration in seconds
  • save the file
  • make sure to restart gnome-shell (Press Alt + F2, and r) before changing any other setting in the GUI, as it would overwrite your changes
  • new options (show_persistent_messages, show_timer, show_pie) won't be added to the GUI, as I plan to migrate that json configuration to GSettings (which will be then configurable through a GUI)