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A Scala compiler plugin to give patterns and for-comprehensions the love they deserve

Note on Scala 3

Scala 3.0.0 natively supports the semantic changes provided by better-monadic-for under -source:future compiler flag. The following code is considered valid under this flag:

for {
  (x, given String) <- IO(42 -> "foo")
} yield s"$x${summon[String]}"

There are no changes to map desugaring and value bindings inside fors still allocate tuples to my current knowledge. I don't currently have plans on rewriting plugin for Scala 3, however.

See changes: pattern bindings and contextual abstractions: pattern-bound given instances.

Getting started

The plugin is available on Maven Central.


addCompilerPlugin("com.olegpy" %% "better-monadic-for" % "0.3.1")



Supports Scala 2.11, 2.12, and 2.13.1

Available plugin options

All options have form of -P:bm4:$feature:$flag

Feature Flag (default)
Desugaring without withFilter -P:bm4:no-filtering:y
Elimination of identity map -P:bm4:no-map-id:y
Elimination of tuples in bindings -P:bm4:no-tupling:y
Implicit definining patterns -P:bm4:implicit-patterns:y

Supported values for flags:

  • Disabling: n, no, 0, false
  • Enabling: y, yes, 1, true

Version Changes
0.3.1 Fix issues with wartremover, implicit patterns with = binds & Xplugin-list flag
0.3.0-M4 Fix anonymous variables in Scala 2.12.7+
M2, M3 Fixes for implicit patterns
0.3.0-M1 Initial implementation of implicit patterns
0.2.4 Fixed: incompatibility with Dsl.scala
0.2.3 Fixed: if-guards were broken when using untupling
0.2.2 Fixed: destructuring within for bindings (bar, baz) = foo
0.2.1 Fixed: untupling with -Ywarn-unused:locals causing warnings on e.g. _ = println().
0.2.0 Added optimizations: map elimination & untupling. Added plugin options.
0.1.0 Initial version featuring for desugaring without withFilters.


Desugaring for patterns without withFilters

Destructuring Either / IO / Task / FlatMap[F]

This plugin lets you do:

import cats.implicits._
import cats.effect.IO

def getCounts: IO[(Int, Int)] = ???

for {
  (x, y) <- getCounts
} yield x + y

With regular Scala, this desugars to:

  .withFilter((@unchecked _) match {
     case (x, y) => true
     case _ => false
  .map((@unchecked _) match {
    case (x, y) => x + y

Which fails to compile, because IO does not define withFilter

This plugin changes it to:

  .map(_ match { case (x, y) => x + y })

Removing both withFilter and unchecked on generated map. So the code just works.

Additional Effects

Type ascriptions on LHS

Type ascriptions on left-hand side do not become an isInstanceOf check - which they do by default. E.g.

def getThing: IO[String] = ???

for {
  x: String <- getCounts
} yield s"Count was $x"

would desugar directly to String) => s"Count was $x")

This also works with flatMap and foreach, of course.

No silent truncation of data

This example is taken from Scala warts post by @lihaoyi

// Truncates 5
for((a, b) <- Seq(1 -> 2, 3 -> 4, 5)) yield a + " " +  b

// Throws MatchError
Seq(1 -> 2, 3 -> 4, 5).map{case (a, b) => a + " " + b}

With the plugin, both versions are equivalent and result in MatchError

Match warnings

Generators will now show exhaustivity warnings now whenever regular pattern matches would:

        import cats.syntax.option._

        for (Some(x) <- IO(none[Int])) yield x
:22: match may not be exhaustive.
[warn] It would fail on the following input: None
[warn]         for (Some(x) <- IO(none[Int])) yield x
[warn]                      ^

Final map optimization

Eliminate calls to .map in comprehensions like this:

for {
  x <- xs
  y <- getYs(x)
} yield y

Standard desugaring is

xs.flatMap(x => getYs(x).map(y => y))

This plugin simplifies it to

xs.flatMap(x => getYs(x))

Desugar bindings as vals instead of tuples

Direct fix for lampepfl/dotty#2573. If the binding is not used in follow-up withFilter, it is desugared as plain vals, saving on allocations and primitive boxing.

Define implicits in for-comprehensions or matches

Since version 0.3.0-M1, it is possible to define implicit values inside for-comprehensions using a new keyword implicit0:

case class ImplicitTest(id: String)

for {
  x <- Option(42)
  implicit0(it: ImplicitTest) <- Option(ImplicitTest("eggs"))
  _ <- Option("dummy")
  _ = "dummy"
  _ = assert(implicitly[ImplicitTest] eq it)
} yield "ok"

In current version (0.3.0) it's required to specify a type annotation in a pattern with implicit0.

It also works in regular match clauses:

(1, "foo", ImplicitTest("eggs")) match {
  case (_, "foo", implicit0(it: ImplicitTest)) => assert(implicitly[ImplicitTest] eq it)


  • This plugin reserves one extra keyword, implicit0, if corresponding option for implicit patterns is enabled (which is by default).
  • Regular if guards are not affected, only generator arrows.