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.NET Core port of CS-Script
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.NET Core port of CS-Script. Currently this repository is only for source code, release and issue management. The full wiki documentation can be found at

CS-Script.Core has some dramatic improvements comparing to the .NET Full. However there are some limitations associated with .NET Core being a young and constantly evolving platform.

Also, some of the early CS-Script features, which demonstrated little traction with the developers have been deprecated. See Limitations section.


Imposed by .NET Core:

  • No support for script app.config file Support for custom app.config files is not available for .NET Core due to the API limitations
  • No building "*.exe"

CS-Script obsolete features and limitations:

  • All scripts are compiled with debug symbols generated
  • No surrogate process support (//css_host) for x86 vs. x64 execution The CPU-specific engine executable must be used.
  • No support for deprecated settings:
    • Settings.DefaultApartmentState
    • Settings.UsePostProcessor
    • Settings.TargetFramework
    • Settings.CleanupShellCommand
    • Settings.DoCleanupAfterNumberOfRuns
  • No automatic elevation via arg '-elevate'
    Elevation must be done via shell

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