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@olegkapitonov olegkapitonov released this Jan 11, 2020

Version 1.1

Bugfix release.

Download KPP-1.1-binary-ubuntu-bionic.tar.bz2 for all distributions except Debian 10.
Download KPP-1.1-binary-debian10.tar.bz2 for Debian 10 or if "ubuntu" bundle doesn't work.


  • Build system switched to meson (thanks @cyclopsian )
  • Code refactoring, memory management improvements (thanks @cyclopsian )
  • GUI code rewrited to use XCB instead of Xlib (thanks @cyclopsian )
  • Rewrited broken kpp_octaver DSP code, now plugin works like octaver :) (thanks @sub26nico for bug report)
  • Fixed resampling issues in kpp_tubeamp when the samplerate is 44100 Hz.
  • Various bug fixes (thanks to all contributors).
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