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A documentation generator for Composer-compatible PHP components
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PHP API Documentation Maker

This tool is an API documentation generator for any PHP library or framework consisting of Composer-compatible components. The tool scans the composer.json and *.php class files of each component you specify and produces a nice looking static HTML documentation which you can host anywhere (on a cheap hosting or even on GitHub pages).


I wrote this tool to generate the API reference for Zend Framework 3.


  • Runs from command line.
  • Highly configurable - you can idenfity which components you want to document, skipping all others.
  • Generates HTML5 static documentation viewable on any-sized screen. Take a look here for an example.
  • Embed a Google Analytics tag to track visitors of the site.
  • Embed Google Adsense Ads to get revenue from visitors of the site.
  • Embed a Disqus thread if you want to enable visitors to leave comments on the site.


You need PHP 5.6 or later to run this tool.

Clone or download the source code of this tool to some directory, then install dependencies:

php composer.phar self-update
php composer.phar update

Now you should be able to run the php-api-doc-maker.php script as follows:

php php-api-doc-maker.php [options] <src_dir>

where the only available options for now is -v (verbose output).

The src_dir is the directory where your php-api-doc-maker.json configuration file is located (see below).

Generating the API Reference

Assume you would like to generate the API reference of some library consisting of components. Let's take a real-life example (Zend Framework 3 API reference):

Create a directory, for example, zf3-api-reference.

Inside that directory, install all components you need with composer require <component-name>.

Create the php-api-doc-maker.json file with the content like below:

    "title": "Zend Framework 3 API Reference",
    "copyright": "(c) 2018 by Oleg Krivtsov",
    "license": "",
    "website": "",
    "keywords": [
        "zend framework",
    "links": {
        "Home": "",
        "Contribute": ""
    "components": [
    "google_analytics": {
        "enabled": true,
        "account_id": "<your-ga-id>"
    "google_adsence": {
        "enabled": true, 
        "upper_ad": "data/upper_ad.js"
    "disqus": {
        "enabled": false,
        "src": "//"

The most important part is the components subkey where you should list the components you want to document.

When this is ready, generate the API reference with the command:

php php-api-doc-maker.php /path/to/zf3-api-reference

If everything is OK, you should find the HTML files inside the /path/to/zf3-api-reference/html directory.

That's all, enjoy!

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