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@@ -7,9 +7,10 @@ This package implements a number of [CommonJS]( proposal
* mix & match synchronous/asynchronous styles and use the best tool for the job by writing maintainable business logic in a synchronous manner
* write concise, legible shell scripts
-The following modules are implemented:
+The following modules are included:
* assert - [Unit Testing/1.0]( & a suite for running tests
+* console - [Console]( - partial implementation available in Node
* system - [System/1.0]( & methods for managing threads and child processes
* binary - [Binary/B](
* io - [IO/A](, including a `ByteArray` backed `MemoryStream`
@@ -19,7 +20,7 @@ The following modules are implemented:
### Installation
-If you don't already have them, install [Node]( and the [Node Package Manager npm](
+If you don't already have them, [install Node]( and the [Node Package Manager npm](
curl | sh
@@ -81,3 +82,5 @@ Although `common-node` is optimized for developer efficiency rather than perform
* Hannes Wallnoefer and others from [RingoJS]( - this project uses a number of its tests & the Ringo code was used as a starting point for some modules
* Kris Kowal, Tom Robinson, Isaac Schlueter for [Narwhal]( - this project used a number of its modules as a starting point and some methods in e.g. Binary have been copied as is
* everybody on the [CommonJS]( mailing list

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