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One way converter from XML to JSON. Usage:

var {XMLtoJSON} = require("easyxml");
var xml = '<a><b>c</b></a>';
var json = XMLtoJSON(xml);

Turns child nodes with the same name into arrays so that lists are easier to work with.

<body><item>1</item><item>2</item></body> becomes body: {item: ["1", "2"]}

Turns XML node attributes into object attributes, the children are placed inside a special attribute named "_":

<body a="a">whatever</body> becomes body: {_a: "a", _: "whatever"}

For options, take a look at testOptions in test/all.js.

You can also pass in E4X XML objects directly, so these work:

XMLtoJSON(new XML('<a><b>c</b></a>'));
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