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Added a default background of the same color #4

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Added a default background of the same color so that the old partial background problem is resolved. This works great now.

@olegshaldybin olegshaldybin merged commit b1ab985 into olegshaldybin:master
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Commits on Dec 28, 2011
  1. Added a default background, so that the annoying separate bg problem …

    Abdul Bijur Vallarkodath authored
    …is resolved.
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  1. +10 −4 color-theme-railscasts.el
14 color-theme-railscasts.el
@@ -2,24 +2,30 @@
;; To use add the following to your .emacs file:
+;; The path in the third line is the path to the railscasts theme .el file.
;; (require 'color-theme)
;; (color-theme-initialize)
-;; (load-file "~/.emacs.d/site-lisp/themes/color-theme-railscasts.el")
+;; (load-file "~/.emacs.d/site-lisp/themes/color-theme-railscasts.el")
;; (color-theme-railscasts)
;; MIT License Copyright (c) 2009 Oleg Shaldybin <>
;; Inspired by the brilliant Railscasts theme for TextMate
+;; Added modification of a default background. This makes sure that when you run
+;; Railscasts the background color also syncs with the railscast theme bg color.
(defun color-theme-railscasts ()
((background-color . "#232323")
+ (border-color . "#232323")
(background-mode . dark)
- (cursor-color . "#5A647E")
+ (mouse-color . "sienna1") ; avallark
+ (cursor-color . "#5A647E") ;avallark
(foreground-color . "#E6E1DC"))
- (default ((t (nil))))
+ (default ((t (:background "#232323" :foreground "#F8F8F8")))) ;avallark
+ (blue ((t (:foreground "blue")))) ; avallark
(bold ((t (:bold t))))
(bold-italic ((t (:italic t :bold t))))
(fringe ((t (:background "#232323"))))
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