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Reaction Commerce Core Theme

meteor add reactioncommerce:core-theme

This is the base Reaction Commerce theme. It contains all the LESS files used by the reactioncommerce:core build process to generate custom LESS files in the Reaction Commerce application.

For customization of Reaction, you can edit the files generated by this package, and override anything created here.

#Bootstrap This package assumes installation of Bootstrap LESS files, and includes additional mixins and variables in the default folder.

#Theme Development You can clone this package to create additional theme packages for Reaction Commerce. There are a number of placeholder files that should be sufficient for theming. See reactioncommerce:core documentation for instructions on package development.

#package.js When creating/cloning a new theme, update the package.js Package.describe,

  name: "<your meteor organization>:<your-theme-package>",
  summary: "<your theme description>",
  version: "1.0.0",
  git: "<your package repo url>"

Changing Structure

If you add or delete files, run


This will update the file list in package.js

However, any files that are not already included must also be updated in the reactioncommerce:core /server/buildtools/module-definitions.js file, as this defines what files are included for each theme module.

Note: if you are developing locally, make sure the .build. directory is deleted before running