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This sample project demonstrates sharding technique with RavenDB. It contains source code and three RavenDB servers (binaries only) which store data in-memory. Every restart of the servers clears the databases.

This sample uses RavenDB servers from the build 800 which is available from

Config file of every server has been modified to use specific IP (, ports (8081-8083) and hold data in-memory. Also anonymous user has ALL access rights.

To see it working you can

  1. Start RavenDB servers, you can do so by running a cmd file \tools\RavenDB-Build-800\Just-Servers\Start.cmd This shall open three console application, one for each RavenDB server

  2. [a] Either open solution in Visual Studio 2010 and run the project
    or [b] Run the binary client directly from \bin\RavenDbSharding.exe

  3. Take a look at the RavenDB servers to see which request goes to which server. Users are stored on the following shards: Users with id 1 - 10 are stored in shard "user_1_10" Users with id 11 - 20 are stored in shard "user_10_20" Users with id 21 - 30 are stored in shard "user_20_30"

For more details see my post: