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-h1. Web load test tool v1.0
+h1. Loadtest tool
Tool could be used to test load your web application using different scenarios. Scripts are written in groovy using special test environment.
@@ -18,15 +18,28 @@ h3. Variations
select(prob1, closure1, prob2, closure2, prob3, closure3, ...)
+ Select one of the closures to execute depending on probability. Probabilites
+ could be not normalized: i.e. sum(prob~i~) != 1.0
+ Select one of arguments with equal probability.
h3. HTTP
get([Closure reporter, ]String ...urls)
+ Gets value of one(!randomly selected) of urls and reads line by line calling reporter(line).
+ If reporter is not specified returns array of strings - lines of this file.
parse(Pattern regex, String ...html)
- resolve(String uri, String path)
+ Process text throught regular expression and selects regular expression groups.
+ Returns 2-d array if several groups used and 1-d if one.
+ resolve(String url, String path)
+ Resolves path relative to url.
h2. License

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