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git-prompt - Minimal Git prompt

  • Shows only the essentials to keep noise down to a minimum.
  • Colors for quick assesment of the situation.
  • Very fast: written in Go and compiled to native code. Calls only one external command. (Two if HEAD is detached.)
  • Works with any shell that can call commands in a prompt.


First compile the program:

$ go build git-prompt.go

Then copy git-prompt to somewhere in your path and add this to the PS1 variable in your .bashrc / .zsh or other config file:


Here's what I use:

PS1='\u@\h:\w $(git-prompt)$ '

Example Output

[master]      # At master branch with clean repository.
[master *]    # Uncommited changes.
[master ↑]    # One or more commits ahead of remote.
[master *?]   # Changes and untracked files.
[master *!↕]  # Unmerged conflict.
[:initial]    # New git repository with no commits yet.

Branch Name

master    Branch name.
:f9a02c   Detached head. (First 6 characters of commit hash.)
:initial  Initialized repository with nothing commited yet.

Status Flags

*  Repository has uncommited changes.
?  There are untracked files.
!  There are conflicts.
↑  Local repository is ahead of remote by >= 1 commit.
↓  Local repository is behind remote by >= 1 commit.
↕  Local repository has diverged from remote.
   (It's both ahead and behind.)


Working directory is clean but may be out of sync with remote.
There are changed or untracked files.
There are conflicts that need to be resolved.


MIT license.


Ole Martin Bjorndalen -