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Land cover patterns for wind generation infrastracture in Brazil
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Land cover patterns of wind generation infrastructure in Brazil

This repository contains supporting scripts and data related to ongoing research on land cover patterns related to commissioned wind parks in Brazil.

v1.0 provides scripts and data used for EGU-2019 poster presentation Land cover patterns of wind generation infrastructure in Brazil

by Olga Turkovska, Johannes Schmidt, Katharina Gruber, Felix Nitsch

Poster presentation is available via Research Gate:

Input files necessary for running the script can be easily downloaded via links provided in the section Download Guide.

Scripts Overview extracts the a raster map of land cover for selected wind parks. generates a CSV file with technical characteristics of the wind parks, and description of their land cover. aggregates forest-related land cover subclasses to forest land cover class, and agriculture-related landcover subclasses to mosaic of agriculture and pasture land cover class. generates a CSV file with land cover overview of the specific year for selected wind parks. generates a CSV file with parameters necessary for initial land cover conversion analysis. generates the figures for the poster. contains auxiliary dictionaries for working with MapBiomas dataset.

Download Guide

  1. Caatinga land cover map for the period from 1985 to 2017 - MapBiomas Collection 3:

  2. Wind parks polygons -Polígono_do_Parque_Eolioelétrico_EOL- ANEEL:

    2.1 Go to the webpage:

    2.2 Click on second button on the left

    2.3 From Layers to Clip select Polígono do Parque Eolioelétrico EOL

    2.4 Press Execute button at the end of the list. This will generate a link for dowloading the data

    2.5 Use the generated link to download your data

    2.6. Extract downloded files to data-input folder

  3. Data set of federal states of Brazil - BRUFE250GC_SIR - IBGE:

Downloaded files need to be placed in 'input-data' folder.

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