A simple FreeBSD driver for Adrienne Electronics timecode readers.
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Here you will find a simple driver for Adrienne PCI timecode readers (http://www.adrielec.com/). It is not officially endorsed by Adrienne Electronics, so you are on your own here...

The driver implementation is very simple and was derived from the board documentation that you will find in the doc directory. Adrienne Electronics includes full documentation with each product so you will be able to adapt it to your hardware if you have a more recent version.

Unfortunately I no longer own Adrienne hardware so I am not able to test further changes. However, the driver was actually used in production for a in-house project and it managed to survive quite a few days of execution. Then the project was stopped, but not because of a driver fault :)

In the unlikely case that you own an actual Adrienne timecode reader you may give it a spin, otherwise it should get you started if you plan to develop a simple character device driver in FreeBSD (do yourself a favor and read "FreeBSD Device Drivers" by Joseph Kong before writing anything - this driver was written well before reading it!)

How to install

Run make install from the project directory:

# make install
install -o root -g wheel -m 555 adrienne.ko /boot/kernel
kldxref /boot/kernel

To clean up after building:

# make clean cleandepend

Remember to do this when you switch architecture while using the same source tree (i.e. when building from i386 and amd64 boxes over a NFS share).

To load or unload the locally compiled driver:

# make load


# make unload

To load or unload the installed driver:

# kldload adrienne


# kldunload adrienne

To uninstall the driver:

# rm -f /boot/kernel/adrienne.ko
# kldxref /boot/kernel

To load at every boot, add adrienne_load="YES" to your /boot/loader.conf.

You might also create a package to be used with pkg_add and pkg_delete. Be sure to use matching FreeBSD versions when deploying binaries.


  • Possibly still a few.
  • Missing documentation (especially the read block format that you'll have to guess by reading the Adrienne docs).
  • Most importantly, the source code does not conform to style(9) (even if it was improved a bit before publishing).