CQRS Tic Tac Toe exercise with Axon
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CQRS Tic Tac Toe exercise with Axon

  • A CQRS exercise for use in a CQRS workshop
  • Uses Scala language (I really could not be bothered to do all the typing Java requires)
  • Uses the Axon Framework
  • Solution available in the 'solution' branch (e.g. git diff master remotes/origin/solution)

Instructions (IntelliJ)

  • Install the scala plugin in IntelliJ
  • Open the project in IntelliJ by selecting the pom.xml
  • Find the TODO's and start fixing the compilation problems
  • Use object TicTacToe as inspiration for how to use Board and sub types
  • Try to run PlayTicTacToe
  • Try to run the tests

Instructions (Eclipse)

Contributions are accepted :)