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Concourse resource, which outputs build metadata to files.
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Metadata Resource

Build Status

This resource outputs build metadata to files to make annotations easier. One such use-case may be to add build links to the body of GitHub releases.

As Concourse documentation states, avoid using this for versioning. Use the semver resource instead.


⚠️ Since 2.0.0 a put step has to used instead of a get to fix this issue. If you want the old behaviour, use version 1.0.0 of this resource. ⚠️

check: Not used

Always emits an empty version.

in: Output metadata to files

Outputs $BUILD_ID, $BUILD_NAME, $BUILD_JOB_NAME, $BUILD_PIPELINE_NAME, $BUILD_TEAM_NAME and $ATC_EXTERNAL_URL to files build_id, build_name, build_job_name, build_pipeline_name, build_team_name and atc_external_url respectively.

out: Not used


The following example shows how a GitHub release can be created with a link pointing to the build.

# Register the metadata resource type
  - name: metadata
    type: docker-image
      repository: olhtbr/metadata-resource
      tag: 2.0.0

  # The resource does not need any configuration
  - name: metadata
    type: metadata

  # GitHub release resource
  # Check for more info
  - name: release
    type: github-release
      owner: my-github-user
      repository: my-github-repo
      acces_token: github-access-token
      # other settings...

  - name: prepare-release
      - put: metadata
      - get: release

      - task: setup-release-properties
          platform: linux
            type: docker-image
              repository: busybox

            - name: metadata

          # A URL to the build and other release properties
          # will be available as files in the properties folder
            - name: properties

            path: sh
              - -exc
              - |
                # Grab the metadata
                url=$(cat metadata/atc_external_url)
                team=$(cat metadata/build_team_name)
                pipeline=$(cat metadata/build_pipeline_name)
                job=$(cat metadata/build_job_name)
                build=$(cat metadata/build_name)

                # Generate the build URL to a file
                echo $url/teams/$team/pipelines/$pipeline/jobs/$job/builds/$build > properties/body

                # Write the release name to a file
                echo v1.0.0 > properties/name

                # The tag must already exist in git
                echo 1.0.0 > properties/tag

      # The put step creates a new GitHub release at the specified tag and
      # its body will contain a link to the current build
      - put: release
          name: properties/name
          tag: properties/tag
          body: properties/body
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