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Change run_on_change to run_on_changes to fix a deprecation warning. #8

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DEPRECATION: Starting with Guard v1.1 the use of the 'run_on_change' method in the 'Guard::Compass' guard is deprecated.
Please consider replacing that method-call with 'run_on_changes' if the type of change
is not important for your usecase or using either 'run_on_modifications' or 'run_on_additions'
based on the type of the changes you want to handle.

Fix this deprecation warning by changing run_on_change to run_on_changes.

rymai commented Oct 7, 2013

Hi, could you open the pull-request on guard/guard-compass instead (this is the maintained repository)?

Thanks in advance!

@oliamb you can close this issue as well.

rymai commented Dec 21, 2013

Ping! :)

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