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Inkscape Generate Palette

Inkscape extension to generate color palettes from selected objects' color properties.



Copy extension files generate_palette.inx and into ~/.config/inkscape/extensions. Inkscape needs to be restarted for the extension to appear. python2-lxml must be installed for this extension to work.

Inkscape Extensions

Download from Inkscape's Extensions page here.

Arch Linux

AUR package


  • Create objects with color properties set, can be fill and/or stroke color.
  • Select them and from the Extensions menu choose Palette and Generate.
  • Provide a name and select the color property to grab colors from.

You can also include Inkscape's default black to white colors or replace an existing palette.


Inkscape must be restarted for a new palette to appear. Generated palettes are located at ~/.config/inkscape/palettes. Tested only on Inkscape for Linux.