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(:require [clj-time.core :as clj-time]
[ :as io]
[clojure.string :as str]
[correlate.csv :as csv]))
;; -- CSV Parsing --------------------------------------------------------------
(defn- parse-datetime
"Parse an ISO 8601 - formatted datetime string."
(-> (clj-time.format/parse (clj-time.format/formatter :date-time-parser)
(clj-time/to-time-zone (clj-time/time-zone-for-offset 1))))
(defn- file-name-without-ending [file-path]
(-> (str/split file-path #"/")
(str/split #"\.")
(defn- fix-date-str [file-path time-str]
(str (file-name-without-ending file-path)
"T" time-str))
(defn- parse-time [file-path time-str]
(-> (fix-date-str file-path time-str)
(defn- column-descriptions
"We need the file path for parsing the time strings as they don't
include the dates, therefore we need to generate the
`column-descriptions` map for each CSV file we're parsing."
[{:key :start-time
:parse-fn (partial parse-time file-path)}
{:key :end-time
:parse-fn (partial parse-time file-path)}
{:key :calories-kcal}
{:key :distance-m}
{:key :low-latitude-deg}
{:key :low-longitude-deg}
{:key :high-latitude-deg}
{:key :high-longitude-deg}
{:key :average-speed-m-s}
{:key :max-speed-m-s}
{:key :min-speed-m-s}
{:key :step-count}
{:key :average-weight-kg}
{:key :max-weight-kg}
{:key :min-weight-kg}
{:key :inactive-duration-ms}
{:key :walking-duration-ms}])
(defn read-csv [csv-path]
;; Beware! Older Google Fit entries are missing the last two
;; fields (`inactive-duration-ms` and `:walking-duration-ms`)!
(csv/read-and-parse csv-path (column-descriptions csv-path)))
(defn- all-csv-paths [directory]
(->> (file-seq (io/file directory))
(filter #(and (.isFile %)
;; there's probably a way more elegant way to do
;; this with a glob / regex
(let [file-name (-> % .toPath .getFileName .toString)]
(and (str/ends-with? file-name ".csv")
(not= file-name "Daily Summaries.csv")))))
(map #(-> % .toPath .toString))))
(defn read-all-csvs
"Read all Google Fit CSVs of a specified `directory` and parse
them. Concatenate the results into one gigantic list, sorted by
(mapcat read-csv (all-csv-paths directory)))
;; -- Processing ---------------------------------------------------------------
(defn- filter-step-counts [row-maps]
(filter #(some? (:step-count %)) row-maps))
(defn- row->event
"A crazy simplification. Only take the end time and step count."
{:datetime (:end-time row-map)
:category :google-fit
:event "steps"
:value (:step-count row-map)})
(defn- process-rows [row-maps]
(->> (filter-step-counts row-maps)
(map row->event)))
;; -- Public API ---------------------------------------------------------------
(defn all-events [directory]
(process-rows (read-all-csvs directory)))
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