U8glib library for monochrome displays, version 2
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U8g2: Library for monochrome displays, version 2

U8g2 is a monochrome graphics library for embedded devices. U8g2 supports monochrome OLEDs and LCDs, which include the following controllers: SSD1305, SSD1306, SSD1309, SSD1322, SSD1325, SSD1327, SSD1329, SSD1606, SSD1607, SH1106, SH1107, SH1108, SH1122, T6963, RA8835, LC7981, PCD8544, PCF8812, HX1230, UC1601, UC1604, UC1608, UC1610, UC1611, UC1701, ST7565, ST7567, ST7588, ST75256, NT7534, IST3020, ST7920, LD7032, KS0108, SED1520, SBN1661, IL3820, MAX7219 (see here for a full list).

The Arduino library U8g2 can be installed from the library manager of the Arduino IDE. U8g2 also includes U8x8 library:

  • U8g2
    • Includes all graphics procedures (line/box/circle draw).
    • Supports many fonts. (Almost) no restriction on the font height.
    • Requires some memory in the microcontroller to render the display.
  • U8x8
    • Text output only (character) device.
    • Only fonts allowed with fit into a 8x8 pixel grid.
    • Writes directly to the display. No buffer in the microcontroller required.

Setup Guide and Reference Manual