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1 parent 2dabf49 commit 3168b4052b51ba652dc590d8b90393053c7c8865 @olilarkin committed Mar 7, 2012
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@@ -1,46 +1,45 @@
ALL - lock free-ness
+ALL - GetHostVersionStr() etc are not reliable, especially with AU
ALL - more flexible resource importing (not just png resources)
ALL - fix text entry dimensions / text size
ALL - freetype based font renderer, import .ttf files
ALL - test keyboard input
ALL - popupmenu submenus
-ALL - resize graphics
ALL - drag & drop area
ALL - OS tooltips?
-ALL - make consistent code style
+ALL - make consistent code style. tabs/spaces m_blah mBlah etc
ALL - make side chain/multi-channel definitions consistent/easier
ALL - save fxp/fxb with chunks
- IPlugPolySynth
-- IPlugSideChain
+- IPlugDrumSynth
- IPlugMultiChannel
- IPlugOpenGL on win, fix on mac
- IPlugChunks still needs some work
- IPlugControls - some controls not finished
AU wrapper:
-- mono output busess, i.e. for a drumsynth
-- preset changing in logic?
+- multiple output busess, i.e. for a drumsynth
+- sidechain input - seems to kind of work in logic, works in live, not in studio one
+- preset changing from inside the plugin doesn't consistently update logic's GUI
- auval "preset name not retained" message
VST3 wrapper:
- midi output
-- pitch bend parameters
-- sidechain
-- presets list?
+- pitch bend & other common MIDI CC parameters
+- check presets list (doesn't work in S1)
RTAS wrapper:
- MAC - apple+Q sometimes not passed to PT
- Very occasionally the overlayed cocoa window gets stuck
- WIN - sporadic redraw problem
-- check default PT behaviour for IControls
- chunks
- some key press passthrough lost?
- audiosuite
@@ -50,6 +49,7 @@ RTAS wrapper:
Standalone wrapper:
+- edit to use IPlugBase buffer attaching code
- some keys not received by windows standalone...arrow keys for example DLGC_WANTARROWS
- how to change audio devices without hanging the main loop?
- change ASIO device fails
@@ -70,5 +70,6 @@ Standalone wrapper:
IOS wrapper:
+- edit to use IPlugBase buffer attaching code
- make it work better on device
- see if it works with IOS 5 sdk / float remoteIO

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