This is my first attempt at creating a wesnoth map. My attempt is to make it similar to the Warcraft3 Hero Line Wars map
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Wesnoth 1.8+ Map that attempts to be similar to the Warcraft 3 Map "Hero Line Wars".

  - There are two teams of up to three players
  - Teams have a fixed number of life points
  - Teams have an area of the map called »lane«
  - Lanes join up at the start
  - At the very start of the lanes, there is one unmovable boss, a lich
  - Players have 1 hero on her own team’s lane
  - Players can recruit units, called »creeps«; recruited units are sent to the enemy team’s lane.
  - Creeps try to reach the end of the enemy lane; if they succeed, the enemy team loses one life.
  - If a team’s life counter is reduced to zero, that team has lost.
  - If all heroes of a team are killed, that team has lost.
  - If a team kills the lich, that team has won.

What's done:
  - only that recruiting moves your units on the enemy lane, nothing else yet

Next steps:
  - Implement (creep-based) win conditions; check whether creeps walk to the end of the line
  - Add lich, implement lich-based win condition

What is to come:
  - a Shop system
  - a better map
    - move castle/summoning grounds to end of lanes
    - general: some variance in the lanes to allow tactical combat
  - a bit of Story (i've got an idea here, but nothing more yet)
    - idea: Lich at end of lanes wants both groups to wipe each other out. why? well, that's the big question right now

Installation Linux:
git clone git:// ~/.wesnoth1.8/data/add-ons/hero-line-wars

If you have an older wesnoth version, you might have to change the data folder of wesnoth to ~/.wesnoth/.
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