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# Store Credit (Google Code Jam Africa 2010 - qualification round - problem A)
# You receive a credit C at a local store and would like to buy two items. You first walk through the store and create a
# list L of all available items. From this list you would like to buy two items that add up to the entire value of the
# credit. The solution you provide will consist of the two integers indicating the positions of the items in your list
# (smaller number first).
case_count = gets.chop.to_i
(1..case_count).each do |c|
credit = gets.chop.to_i
gets # ignore item count
item_list = gets.chop
wanted = {}
item_list.split(" ").each_with_index do |s, i|
price = s.to_i
if wanted.has_key?(price)
puts "Case ##{c}: #{wanted[price]} #{i + 1}"
wanted[credit - price] = i + 1