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ABE (Amorphous Blob of Events) is Olin's student-built store of information about Olin events. It enables the creation of digital experiences that share information about past, present, and upcoming events.


As a Calendar User

You want ABE's web calendar front end, abe-web.

As a Developer

The ABE API lets an application read and modify events, labels, and calendar subscriptions. Read about ABE's API documentation here.

ABE can also be used to verify that a user is inside the Olin intranet, and/or is a member of the Olin community (as demonstrated by possession of an email address). See the documentation on Sign in with ABE.


Please check out the the open issues. Good first issues are labeled with "good first issue". Also see the Contribution Guide.

Built With ABE

ABE is a platform. Some online experiences that use the data in ABE include:

  • Olin Events is a web view of the Olin calendar. It can also be used to subscribe other calendar programs, such as Google Calendar and desktop and mobile calendar clients, to ABE; and to connect ABE to other calendars.
  • FUTUREboard is a digital signage platform for sharing of media, supplemented by information about events happening on campus.
  • ABE Event Schedule is an experiment in deriving a conference-track-style schedule from ABE events.